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23rd December 2019

HK Bellawings Received the First Global 6500 Aircraft

HK Bellawings announced today that the company received the world’s first Global 6500 business jet, marks a new record of Bellawings’ fleet. As the operator managing China’s largest fleet of Global 6500 and Global 7500 aircraft, Bellwings’ operational management capabilities and logistics support capabilities are obvious to all. Bellawings would make persistent efforts in the future, continuously pursue higher goals, and bring more comprehensive services to our clients.


The aircraft was officially received in Montreal and a celebration ceremony was held at Hong Kong Airport today. HK Bellawings’ representative, clients, representatives from Bombardier and Rolls Royce, flight crew received the aircraft together and witness the company stepped into a new height.  “It is a great honor to receive the world’s first Global 6500 business jet. we are pleased to receive two aircraft within a short span of time.  This is a recognition to HK Bellawings team and our work in different aspects.  Since our inception in 2014, HK Bellawings has strived for breakthroughs in all areas.  In the future, we will further expand our business scope and continue to strive for excellence. We seek to develop different business channels and explore more opportunities in various areas.  We are confident to take the step up in the new year.” said HK Bellawings Jet Limited President Mr. YJ Zhang.


“We’re thrilled that HK Bellawings Jet Limited has chosen the Global 6500 aircraft to expand its growing fleet of business jets,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Aviation. “This aircraft offers a large cabin, long range and Bombardier’s signature smooth ride. With a refined interior, and the total performance synonymous with Global business jets, the Global 6500 aircraft is suited to meet the needs of discerning travelers in the region.”


Equipped with the purpose-built Rolls Royce Pearl engines and a redesigned wing to provide a smooth ride, the Global 6500 jet offers a range of 6,600 nautical miles, connecting Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai to major destinations such as London, Milan or San Francisco. Boasting a wide cabin and high-end craftsmanship, the Global 6500 jet offers features such as Bombardier’s Nuage seat as well as the Nuage chaise. The brand-new Rolls-Royce Pearl engines next-generation’s design also make the Global 6500 deliver low emission levels for a reduced environmental footprint.

Bellawings held a celebration ceremony at Hong Kong Airport today.HK Bellawings’ fleet welcomes first Global6500