Premier Travel

World-class Aircraft Service

  • In order to accommodate flexibility in your schedule, our well experienced in-house substitute pilots and flight attendants will be standby, helping you to plan your trip in a more comfortable way.


Luxury Yacht Service

  • From summer to winter, water sports or banquet party, let’s enjoy your exclusive time – the pursuit of the ultimate functional stimulation or leisurely play together. A well-equipped Western-style luxury yacht sail for you, all in Bellawings Club.


Airport fast-track & Escort service

  • We provide top ground handling and concierge services to you in global area, including airport escort service, custom clearance, paper works, transportation service and etc.

Hotel Reservations

  • Whether for business travel, or vacation travel, we recommended the best selection of global luxury hotel for you, reserve top resorts or private villas of destinations.

Premier Travel Transportation 

  • Arrange the best premier travel transportation for you. Private Jets, Yacht Hire, Helicopter Charters, or Limousine Pick-ups, provide the best quality and the most suitable traffic traveling with your itinerary, enjoy such honorable status.