Investment & Collection

Business Jets Leasing and Procurement Advice

  • Business jet can be transformed as “mobile office”, a “residence in the air” or highly-efficient “time machine”! We provide professional business jets leasing and procurement advice for you, offers a diverse array of services including aircraft management, business jet maintenance, aircraft purchase and sales, and aviation consultancy.


Private Banking and Assets Management

  • Due to periodic changes in different economies, overseas assets undoubtedly has many incomparable advantages. To diversify investment capital in order to reduce the financial risk of the single market, overseas wealth is able to grasp the opportunities for further cross-regional investment. Private banking consultant is conscientious to meet your unique financial needs, and tailored a highly personalized investment and assets management plans for you. Consultant actively provide you with the latest investment information and advice, extensive research reports, and information on the market trends, best support for your investment decisions.


Collection & Auction Information

  • Whether new buyers or senior, we comprehensively provide art market status, collectors guides and other information to art collection lovers like you. We provide you the upcoming auction by date, category or auction sites, and arrange to subscribe auction catalog, or visit the auction preview, allowing you overlooking the desirable auction. By offering private sales as an additional ‘bespoke’ service, can help source a specific object at a fixed price, to avoid the restrictions of the auction calendar. Experts in their respective fields, will work one-on-one with you to offer advice on private sale strategies and help you to shape your collection.