Luxury Expedition Cruises - ANTARCTICA


Itinerary (Best Travel Period: November-March)


Day 1 : Arrive Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Relax before this afternoon’s tour of the city’s highlights, including the Plaza de Mayo, the stately Casa Rosada, the Cabildo and the Metropolitan Cathedral.
  • Drive past the colorful La Boca District or San Telmo, the birthplace of tango.
  • Get to know your fellow guests this evening at a welcome cocktail party.


Day 2 : Ushuaia

  • Fly to the port city of Ushuaia, located at the southern tip of South America.
  • Take a guided trek in the Cerro Alarken Nature Reserve.
  • Or simply relax with a cappuccino and enjoy the views of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel.
  • Board Le’LYRIAL and settle into your cabin, where you can take in views right from your own private balcony. Walk the decks and explore the common spaces as you familiarize yourself with the luxury cruiser, your home for the next 15 nights at sea.


Day 3 : At Sea

  • Sail east toward the Falkland Islands.
  • Expert lecturers begin their informal series of enlightening, daily discussions on the flora, fauna, geology and history of the region. Lectures cover diverse topics such as seabirds and penguins of the Southern Ocean, the formation of sea ice over thousands of years, and personal accounts of living and working in Antarctica.
  • While a professional photography enrichment coach is on hand to assist with questions.
  • The cool waters in these parts are rich in krill, making them a favorite with local wildlife searching for food.
  • Alongside your naturalist guides, spot various species of whales and seabirds from the deck.


Day 4 : Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

  • Disembark to visit Port Stanley, the tiny, quaint capital with its small shops, brightly painted houses and friendly locals.
  • Choose from one of several sightseeing excursions of Stanley,
    • a city highlights tour,
    • a nature trek
    • or an excursion by 4x4 vehicles to visit a Gentoo penguin colony.
    • visits some of the Falkland battlefields as well as the memorials to those who lost their lives in the conflict between Britain and Argentina in 1982.


Day 5 & 6 : Cruising the South Atlantic

  • As you approach South Georgia, deck-side sightings of whales and other wildlife become more frequent.
  • Time spent cruising is once again filled with informative lectures and casual talks with your guides.
  • Scan the seas to spot marine mammals and seabirds, as the ship cruises the nutrient-rich waters past the islands of Shag Rocks.


Day 7 – 9 : South Georgia

  • South Georgia is a nearly submerged continuation of the Andes mountain range, and your days here are spent exploring its glacier-carved coves and rugged shores.
  • Visit Salisbury Plain, St. Andrews Bay or Gold Harbour, all home to vast colonies of King penguins as well as fur and Southern elephant seals.
  • You also have the opportunity to retrace part of the route taken by Ernest Shackleton during his historic crossing of South Georgia in 1916.
  • Weather permitting, you may visit his gravesite in Grytviken alongside your onboard historian, an expert on the great explorer’s life.


Day 10 & 11 : Cruising the Scotia Sea

  • During your time cruising the Scotia Sea — rich with marine mammals and fish — your expert lecturers recap your adventures in South Georgia.
  • They also share more enriching lectures, revealing more of what is to come on the Seventh Continent, from the terrain to the hardy wildlife that inhabits this dramatic environment.


Day 12 – 14 : Antarctica

  • The ship’s itinerary calls for landings on the Antarctic Peninsula and a number of South Shetland Islands, which may include Half Moon, Penguin and Deception. Other possible island visits may include Cuverville, Paulet and Goudier.
  • There are also plans to sail through Paradise Bay and the Lemaire Channel, the latter often referred to as “Kodak Alley” for its breathtaking, picture-perfect beauty.
  • Additional opportunities for exploration include a stop at a scientific research station.
  • While on board Le’LYRIAL, look for whales and birdlife from the deck or your own private balcony.


Day 15 & 16 : Cruising the Drake Passage

  • Bid farewell to Antarctica as you cruise back to Ushuaia through the Drake Passage, where you find more opportunities to observe marine and birdlife.


Day 17 : Departure