The Last Wild Sanctuary - East Africa Adventure Safari - TANZANIA

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Itinerary (Best Travel Period: June-September)


Day 1 : Arrive Arusha

  • Transfer to your lodge, situated on a working coffee plantation.
  • Under the guidance of the barista, you will personally experience picking coffee beans, watching coffee selection, baking and grinding process, and finally taste the fragrant coffee


Day 2: Tarangire National Park

  • Travel to Tarangire National Park, where open grasslands, acacia trees and the Tarangire River paint the wild landscape.
  • Spend the afternoon on a game drive in search of eland, oryx, wildebeests, zebras and a large elephant population. Keep your eyes trained for hartebeests, gazelles, and exotic birds like the bateleur and martial eagle.


Day 3: Tarangire National Park

  • Nature Walk in Tarangire National Park with local expert, locate the best wildlife viewing opportunities right as they happen.
  • Or enjoy a lazy morning and have breakfast with the birds around the camp
  • Enjoy game drives.
  • Enjoy a cocktail in the evening sunset.


Day 4 : Ngorongoro Crater

  • As you cross the Great Rift Valley, stop for a market visit in Mto wa Mbu, where stalls brim with vibrant local produce.
  • Take a scenic drive to tranquil Gibb’s Farm, where you stop for a lunch made with organic, just-picked ingredients.
  • Arrive at the natural amphitheater of Ngorongoro Crater, a 2,000-foot-deep caldera. A fascinating microcosm of East African wildlife — including buffalo, flamingos, lions and leopards — resides inside.


Day 5 : Ngorongoro Crater

  • Descend into the Ngorongoro Crater, a vast expanse where animal activity is commonplace.
  • Avoid the crowded picnic sites during a private hot gourmet lunch, prepared by your camp staff, as a symphony of wildlife sounds envelop you.
  • Visit with an elder at a Maasai village, where you learn about the tribe’s traditional, nomadic lifestyle and coexistence with wildlife.
  • You also partake in an artisan visit with a demonstration in traditional beadwork and crafts.
  • Witness a private dance performance at your tented camp.


Day 6 : Serengeti National Park

  • Go to the Odyssey Triangle and enter the Serengeti National Park - one of the 50 places must visit rated by National Geographic magazine.
  • Enjoy game drives after lunch
  • Or enjoy swimming, SPA, billiards, etc. in the hotel


Day 7 : Serengeti National Park

  • Enjoy an optional hot-air balloon excursion over the protected Serengeti refuge in early morning, where flowing rivers support a variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. In addition to the “Big Five” (lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards and rhinos), keep your camera handy for a cheetah bolting after a fleet Thomson’s gazelle.
  • Venture out on morning and afternoon game drives, enjoy ideal game viewing throughout your time in the bush.
  • Gather for a memorable farewell dinner.


Day 8: Arusha/ Departure

  • Fly to Arusha, go to the local supermarket/market for the last stop shopping for family and friends.
  • Departure