Island Paradise in The Pacific - SAIPAN

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Itinerary (Best Travel Period: May-October)


Day 1 : Arrive Saipan

  • Polynesian traditional welcome ceremony
  • Enjoy a gorgeous barbecue welcome dinner while watching Polynesia's indigenous fireworks and dance performances.


Day 2 : Saipan

  • Visit some of Saipan's most famous attractions, including the scenic Grotto, Banzai Cliff and Suicide cliff.
  • Visit the Northern Mariana Museum and the final command of the Japanese Army to learn more about World War II history and local culture.
  • Enjoy the colorful nightlife of Garapan.


Day 3 : Saipan

  • Experience wreck diving or snorkeling at the Grotto, the world's second dive site.


Day 4 : Saipan

  • Learning to drive a jet helicopter (instructed by the FAA-approved flight instructor), and obtain a certificate of competency at the end of the course.
  • Enjoy a helicopter excursion over the island, or stop at a corner with particularly pleasant view to enjoy picnics.


Day 5 : Saipan

  • Enjoy the sun and beach
  • Or you can drive off-road ATV to the north of Saipan to explore by crossing between the woods and beaches
  • Enjoy a private dinner on the beach


Day 6 : Departure